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Areas Of Practice

  • Misdemeanor and Felony DUI and OUI

  • Refusal to Submit

  • DUI Felony Manslaughter and Assault

  • Misdemeanor and Felony Drug Defense, State and Federal

  • General Criminal Law


+ Anchorage

+ Bethel

+ Cordova

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+ Dillingham

+ Fairbanks

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+ Haines

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+ Juneau

+ Kenai

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+ Kodiak

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+ Nome

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+ Sitka

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+ Unalaska

+ Valdez

+ Wasilla

+ Wrangell

+ Yakutat

+ All other rural Alaska jurisdictions


C.G. - Petersburg, AK

I have never been in trouble and this is my first go around with the laws and system so I don’t understand a lot of this.


That’s why I’m happy I have you and have put my trust in you.


Thank you for your hard work and commitment. -- C.G.

J.E. - Kodiak, AK

I want to thank you again for your diligence and expertise.


I appreciate you seeing me through this.


I scored some awesome king crab legs. I’ll put them in with the other goodies I’m going to send to you. Take care. Thanks. -- J.E.

S.G. - Ketchikan, AK

Thank you so much for performing your magic.


I was impressed from the moment we first spoke, not only for the time you afforded me, but your genuineness and sincerity was/is quite evidence.


I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with you. Thanks, man! -- S.G.

You Have A Right To An Attorney

Under Alaska Statute 12.45.150(b,) you have the IMMEDIATE right, after arrest, to speak with an attorney, a family member or a friend. The police cannot delay your making a phone call.

Moreover, if you are under arrest you have the absolute privilege under the Fifth Amendment to the US and Alaska constitutions not to incriminate yourself.

There are times the police will state that you are not under arrest, that you are free to leave, that all they want is for you to provide information that will clear you. Although most police officers are honest, they are hired to perform a job, which is to gather evidence. If they have you at the police station, their purpose is not to exonerate you. It is to gather evidence.

I have had many cases over the years in which other evidence, physical evidence, was lacking … but my client put himself or herself into hot water because of statements made to the police.

My strongest advice: Remain silent except for that one phrase: ‘I want to speak with my lawyer. Now.’

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